Frequently Asked Questions

There are several indicators that your double glazing needs to be repaired. The window will initially draught because of air passing through the frames. Glass could be fractured or chipped. Between the glass panes, condensation may accumulate, signaling a damaged window seal. Finally, you can notice that the frame is leaking water.

No, we can replace just your window unit; we can just upgrade all of your windows. The advantage of upgrading your windows is that no mess or redecorating is required. Without the expense of double glazing installation, we can replace all of your glass, locks, hinges, and window handles for a total overhaul.

It’s not necessary to update all of your windows at once. We can upgrade a single window or a pair of windows at a time if that works for you. With Wishaw Window Repair, no project is too small!

Yes, we are able to repair windows with damaged seals. A window with a damaged seal will be draughty and leaky and may cause moisture to build up between the glass panes. A broken seal should always be repaired right away to stop heat loss and the need for more repairs down the road.

The U value measures the rate of heat transmission through a window and is essentially a measure of the material’s energy efficiency. The range of U values is roughly 0.25 to 1.25. A decreased rate of heat loss will result from window glass with a low U value.

Please note this is not an emergency call-out service. We can typically come out to you right away if your needs are urgent. We try to visit you the same day you contact for the majority of inquiries. Alternatively, we can schedule a time that works for you.

For routine window and window frame cleaning, we advise using a high-quality glass cleaner. The secret is to use two cloths—one for wet cleaning and the other for polishing—instead of just one.

Yes. The same inventiveness that goes into replacing our double-glazed windows is applied to fixing defective double-glazing on doors. The size of the glass will determine how much it will cost to replace double glazing on doors.